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Town elections are held every two years.


MAYOR - Landon S. Mathis * 615-566-2801 * tennesseehomesdesigns@gmail.com

COMMISSIONER - Wayne Lomax  *  

COMMISSIONER - Scott Street * streetscott87@gmail.com

COMMISSIONER - Chad Tidwell * chadt33@hotmail.com

COMMISSIONER - Jim Davis * jimd.vbs@gmail.com




CITY RECORDER - Kimberly K. Leady * 615-446-2851 * townofburns@comcast.net

TOWN JUDGE - David Brogdon * 615-446-2619 * db.brogdon@yahoo.com

TOWN ATTORNEY - Timothy V. Potter * 615-446-2221 *tpotter@rprvlaw.com



CHAIRMAN - Landon S. Mathis

MEMBER -Wayne Lomax

MEMBER -Scott Street  

MEMBER - Chad Tidwell

MEMBER - Jim Davis


The City Council meeting is held the second Monday of every month at 7pm and is open to the public. 

Procedure for Public Comments at Town Council Meeting:

* Town Council meetings are conducted pursuant to Roberts Rules of Order with the Town Attorney serving as the parliamentarian.

*Voting to amend a meeting agenda or to suspend rules of the body shall be by a majority vote of the quorum present for the meeting.

*An agenda for meetings of the Town Council shall be prepared and made available 5 days prior to any meeting by posting it on the Town's Facebook page.  Physical copies of the agenda will be available at City Hall.

* At the beginning of each regular or special-called meeting of the Town Council, before voting on any actionable items excluding the minutes, the Town Council shall reserve a time for 'Public Comments'.

* Citizens of the Town of Burns shall be permitted to make public comments pursuant to this Procedure as adopted by the Town Council. All public comments shall be germane to the item (s) on the agenda for the meeting.

* Any citizen wishing to make public comments must be present at the meeting.

* The Town Council shall provide a sign-in sheet for citizens (as described below) to indicate a desire to make public comments at the meeting. The sign-in sheet will be made available in the entranceway to the meeting room not less than 15 minutes prior to the meeting start time, and sign-ins must be made prior to the time established for the meeting to start.

* Public comments will be limited to a total of 30 minutes. The chair shall determine the amount of time each citizen will have to deliver public comments based upon the number of citizens who show up.

* The sign-in sheet for the public comments shall be delivered to the chair of the meeting at the time established for commencement of the meeting and shall conduct the public comments section of the agenda by calling each citizen (if any) who signed up to the podium for said citizen to provide his or her public comments on agenda item (s).

* No comments from the public will be permitted outside of the public comments section or an applicable public hearing.

* During the public comment period, there will be no discussion by or among the members of the governmental body conducting the meeting in response to the public comments, as the time allotted is specifically and solely for the citizen to provide public comments to the Town Council.

* The Town Council is committed to conducting the business of the Town of Burns in an orderly, professional manner at all times.




The Beer Board convenes at 6:30pm before the monthly council meeting when there are items on the agenda for them to take up.